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Our Orchard was planted about 100 years ago.  Over the last few years we have lost trees whenever we have a bad storm.  Our local Woodpecker has also added to the problem by drilling lots of holes in the trees which then weakens them. This has left us with some bare areas in the Orchard.


We have decided to replant the Orchard and asked Harry Fry from Harrys Cider to come and give us some advice on varieties to plant.  He has recommended, amongst others,  Dabinett and Kingston (which are the names of two of the Rooms!).



Harry Fry and Rupert discussing cider Apple varieties
Orchard in need of new trees!
Woodpecker damage

March 2015 - The new lambs and their Mums are in the Orchard.  


Our new trees are now ordered and should be arriving next week.  Planting due the weekend of 21st March. 

18th March 2015.


Mr Dennis from Cider Apple Trees, North Cadbury has delivered the posts and guards today.  Trees are coming on Friday 20th in readiness for planting on 21st.  

19th March.  Duke surveying the Orchard.  Behind him is one of the few remaining trees from the old Orchard which has had a new haircut.

Toby Fry has marked out where the new trees will go with stakes.

20th March - Mr Dennis from Cider Apple Trees, North Cadbury delivering the trees

Angie is ready for the tree planting helpers to arrive tomorrow!

Saturday 21st March - Tree planting day!

Nick and Toby putting in posts



Getting the posts ready.

Tree and guard ready to be planted

The varieties we are using are Kingston Black and Brown's for the Cider.  15 of each.  Then we have a Crimson Bramley for our kitchen cooker and a lovely crisp Lord Lambourne for our eating tree.

Toby digging hole for tree

First tree of 32 planted!
4 1/2 hours later and the last one is going in!
George and Lydia showing off the last tree
A great team of Rupert, Toby and George in front of finished Orchard

Easter Monday, 6th April.  New buds appearing on our new trees in the Spring sunshine.  This is the Lord Lambourne.  

Saturday 18th April - 1 month since planting


The Browns trees are sprouting into life!

Saturday 25th April

Flowers on Brown's trees

Good Friday - 25th March 2016 - One Year On


All the trees are doing well after a wet and mild Winter.  They have all grown and are

just starting to bud up again.  





New Year 2018


Starlings flying over the Orchard on the way to roost at the Somerset Levels

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